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Why A+ Modular Log Homes, LLC

Let us assist YOU in purchasing aModular Log Homes!

Service Area for A+ Modular Log  HomesModular Log Homes Have:

  • Much better insultation; modular log homes heat and cool better than solid log homes.
  • Much shorter construction time.
  • Much less maintenance ... preservative is applied in plant and lasts 8-10 years. Much less time and mess for dealer, cutting down on maintenance.
  • Drastically reduced carpenter bee problem.
  • Cost less money than solid log homes.
  • Do-It-Yourself (Lock and Set) option available.
  • Bank financing available for buyer acting as his own General Contractor or doing some or all of the work himself (in some states) ... a nice clean transaction for dealer.
  • Our packages have most of the options Log Home buyers are looking for. Additional options can easily be added.
  • Log Home packages makes it easier for dealers to price out these homes and show prospective buyer what is included -- very impressive!
  • We can easily modify package to suit buyer's desires.

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How can you best take advantage of this fabulous product?

  1. Study the available information about A+ Modular Log Homes.
  2. Decide if the opportunity appeals to you.
  3. If interested, call Marvin Weaver at 570-847-3331 for an appointment to SEE one of these beautiful modular log homes and to tour our manufacturing plant.