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Log Home Insurance Facts

Modular Log Homes are underwritten at standard rates. However, many Homeowner's Insurance Underwriters are no longer willing to write policies on traditional log homes without a rate increase.

The reason: Fire damage in traditional log home fires is significantly more expensive to repair than fire damage to standard homes, including stick built and modular homes!

You should check this out! Call your insurance company or Traveler’s. There are many restrictions along with individual pricing on Homeowner's Policies for traditional log home insurance.

Coverage Quandary

After much homework, we finally found the perfect log home for us. Everything was going fine until we tried to get home owners’ insurance. Our current carrier does not cover log homes. We found a company who would cover it, but the cost was more than double what we had hoped to pay. Where can we learn more about insuring a log home?

Rick Morrow
San Jose, California

Log Home Living Magazine, June 2002, p. 10