About A+ Modular Log Homes, LLC

Foxboro Bed & Breakfast LLCIn 2017, Marvin Weaver purchased A+ Modular Log Homes from the original owner, George Orren (retired). Mr. Orren worked in the "traditional" Log Home business for over a decade, during which time he discovered the many advantages of modular log home construction.

Marvin and his wife bought their beautiful A+ Modular Log Home (at right) from George in 2003. With his experience as a modular log home owner (Foxboro Bed & Breakfast — The Salem) and an understanding of the maintenance (or lack of) required, Marvin is eager to help others find the modular log home of their dreams.

Advantages of Modular Log Home Construction

  • Low cost
  • No Log Shrinkage
  • No Air and water infiltration
  • High "R" ratings
  • Extra short construction time
  • Easy appraisals
  • Easy acquisition of mortgage money, especially for the "do-it-yourself" customer
  • Fewer bug and insect problems
  • Low maintenance
  • Lower home owner insurance costs

By combining the appearance of Log Homes with the advantages of modern Modular Construction, Mr. Orren pioneered a way to create beautiful and affordable log homes.  

As you consider the benefits of owning a Modular Log Home and review the specifications and our online portfolio, feel free to call us to set up an appointment to visit one of these beautiful Modular Log homes and take a tour of our manufacturing plant.

We look forward to helping you.

Marvin Weaver (marvin@aplusmodularloghomes.com)
A+ Modular Log Homes
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